Label to watch: Sara LanziMarch 08, 2017
Sara Lanzi s/s 2017 - source photo: Van RavensteinSara Lanzi s/s 2017 - source photo: Van Ravenstein
Sara Lanzi s/s 2017 - source photo: Van RavensteinSara Lanzi s/s 2017 - source photo: Van Ravenstein

I really like the collections of Italian designer Sara Lanzi. Her eponymous line channels a nostalgic and feminine air, but feels very contemporary at the same time. The designer has an eye for traditional craftsmanship and re-works classic cuts and vintage details in a playful and relaxed way. Sara Lanzi is known for a thoughtful approach to design by offering only a limited range of new styles every season using high quality, delicate fabrics.
I think the aesthetic of the label can be seen as a new and relevant fashion direction with wearable statement pieces, you want to keep for seasons. In Amsterdam, Sara Lanzi is available at Van Ravenstein.

Iris Schomaker – Come to the EdgeMarch 08, 2017

Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam presents new works of Iris Schomaker. The Berlin-based artist has garnered international acclaim for her expressive large-scale watercolour and oil works on paper featuring figures in various states of repose.
Each of her paintings consists of an arresting close-up of a single figure, lying reading, resting, sitting curled up, unaware of the viewer’s gaze.
‘My interest is in the private moment. But this is not voyeurism, in the traditional sense. It is more like a sudden glimpse, something unexpected. These figures do not offer contact. Their faces are blank, vanishing. This blankness allows the viewer to bring something of their own’, says Schomaker.
In muted shades of black and grey, with only notes of cadmium red or canary yellow, the overall impression of Schomaker’s palette is decidedly monochrome. The exhibition ‘Come to the Edge’ runs from 25 February until 26 April.

Future ClassicsMarch 08, 2017
Clasp bag by Céline, Padlock bag by Gucci and Grace by Mark CrossClasp bag by Céline, Padlock bag by Gucci and Grace by Mark Cross

The ladylike top-handle bag makes a comeback.
Thanks to his love for history Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele reintroduced the style a few season’s ago mixing iconic details with eclectic patterns and decorations.
This spring Céline introduces the Clasp bag, a minimalist take on the 1950s top handle, frame purse. The American company Mark Cross – founded in 1845  – is undergoing a fashionable renaissance (now available at Dover Street Market) thanks to Grace (named for Grace Kelly, who famously carried the style in Hitchcock’s film Rear Window, 1954).

White pumps & bootsMarch 08, 2017
Source photos: - clockwise: Dries Van Noten f/w 2017, Balenciaga s/s 2017, Simone Rocha s/s 2017 & Dries Van Noten f/w 2017Source photos: - clockwise: Dries Van Noten f/w 2017, Balenciaga s/s 2017, Simone Rocha s/s 2017 & Dries Van Noten f/w 2017

A former fashion faux pas has become very cool! I’m not talking about white slippers and sneakers here, but pumps and boots. White feet look suddenly very refreshing thanks to Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten (love the canvas ankle boots combined with white denim pant) and Simone Rocha.

Faye Toogood – Assemblage 5March 08, 2017

I love the work of Faye Toogood: her experiments with various materials and textures, her sculptural shapes and her passion for artisanal production methods. The British designer has revealed her fifth collection of objects at New York’s Friedman Benda gallery. Inspired by her visit to Henri Matisse’s Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence, the concept is based around the elements earth, water and the moon. Read & see more here.

Gray MattersMarch 02, 2017

New York-based Gray Matters is a new shoe brand, founded by the Italian Silvia Avanti. With her sculptural creations, the designer combines two inspirations: the artistic heritage of her native country and the hectic lifestyle of her adoptive city. The result is a collection of timeless shoes – crafted out of soft, buttery leather – that are meant to be a perfect companion for day to night. Gray Matters is made by three generations of expert shoemakers near Venice in Italy, a region known for its high-end shoemaking and leatherwork.

HONEST BY launches ‘honest by SPORT’March 01, 2017

The new ‘honest by SPORT’ unisex line – designed by Honest By’s founder Bruno Pieters – includes one hoodie, two sweatshirts, two sweatpants and one t-shirt. The weaving, dying and finishing of the 100% organic cotton fabrics was done in Germany. References to India are visible throughout the entire campaign. No coincidence, because for Pieters the eco-friendly Honest by-story began in India, a country that inspired him to work in a more responsible and transparent way. The entire ‘honest by. SPORT’ line is available exclusively on and in the Honest By Antwerp store.

Le Morandine V. – A tribute to the masterFebruary 14, 2017

Le Morandine V. is a collection of hand-painted ceramic jars, jugs and vases, designed by the Italian Sonia Pedrazzini.
The different shapes bring to mind the famous still lifes of Giorgio Morandi, with the intention to enable people to ‘do as Morandi’ and experience the same interaction that he had with the everyday objects he painted.
In the manner of the great artist, each and every one of us will be able to compose their ideal still life by varying the combinations of the vases and trying to find a personal balance of forms and colors. Check the website to discover the beautiful concept!

THEY unisex footwearFebruary 14, 2017

THEY New York is taking a fresh approach to footwear. The brand was founded by three friends who share a passion for minimalist design that captures both functionality and a timeless aesthetic.
Starting with the shoe as a blank canvas, the most defining characteristic of every product is the geometric shape seamlessly embedded within the silhouette.
In traditional shoemaking, the upper portion and the sole are created separately then pieced together. Instead, the expert craftsmen of They — all with over 30 years of mastery in the art of Japanese shoemaking — have developed a meticulous method for hand-aligning the shoe’s upper half with its custom made bi-color rubber sole.

‘Still Waters’ by Studio Wieki Somers for Thomas EyckApril 12, 2016
Still Waters, Deepwater - Photography by Mathijs LabadieStill Waters, Deepwater - Photography by Mathijs Labadie
Still Waters, Ice Flower topview - Photography by Mathijs LabadieStill Waters, Ice Flower topview - Photography by Mathijs Labadie
Still Waters, Narcissus side view -Photography by Mathijs LabadieStill Waters, Narcissus side view -Photography by Mathijs Labadie

For its 2016 collection, Thomas Eyck has commissioned Studio Wieki Somers to design a series of objects on the theme of water. Designers Wieki Somers and Dylan van den Berg have created ‘Still Waters’, a wonderful series of five glass vases, each of which is a poetic representation of a stage in the water cycle and a reflection on man’s ambiguous relationship with nature. By combining the material properties of crystal, borosilicate glass and flat glass with production techniques such as blowing, casting, sealing, grinding, fusing, sandblasting and slumping, Studio Wieki Somers pushed the craftsmen to the limit of their capabilities. The team collaborated with the manufacturers Van Tetterode Glas Amsterdam, Royal Leerdam Crystal and Pierre Glas Vilvoorde, each with their own specialisation. Every effort was made to keep the water footprint as small as possible during the production process.

Kvadrat/ Raf SimonsApril 04, 2016

Raf Simons’ third collection for Kvadrat explores the stripe in upholstery textiles, taking its inspiration from Modernist furniture, Pop and contemporary art, fashion textiles and music. In the new designs Reflex, Pulsar and Fuse, the stripe theme is carried out in varying degrees of graphic boldness through the use of textured yarns and subtly fragmented colour. Explore the complete collection on the website of Kvadrat.

Studio Floris Wubben: Erosion SetMarch 29, 2016

Studio Floris Wubben is known for its unique design that is at the cutting edge of functional products and sculptural work. The studio has focused increasingly on self-designed machines as an important part of the creative process and the characteristic shapes of – among others – the Pressed Project and the Hammered Bowls.
Erosion Set is a new series of porcelain bowls, pots and cups, ‘designed’ by an installation that is inspired by the solar system. Within this installation, a gas burner’s flame etches a texture onto an unbaked porcelain object, causing various layers. By combining different glaze techniques with this etching technique, contrast arises in colour and texture. Erosion Set is made in collaboration with Cor Unum ceramics studio.
The collection will be presented during Milan Design Week at Rossana Orlandi Gallery.

Hegedüs & Von Qualen – Lost but FoundMarch 26, 2016

Hegedüs & Von Qualen – a joint venture by jewelry designer Edith Hegedüs and dress tailor Rikke von Qualen – transforms cross-stitch decorations from the 50’s and 60’s into wonderful ‘Lost but Found’ jackets. Approximately ten handcrafted motifs are chosen for every design, making each jacket one-of-a-kind. Sold exclusively at luxury fashion store Holly Golightly in Copenhagen.

RESHAPE HISTORY S/S 2017February 18, 2016
Clockwise: Léa Seydoux in 'Journal d'une femme de chambre'/ a country farmhouse/ Welsh woman in folk costume /Lizzie Alice Hawksfield- North Yorkshire, late 1800s / Three Over One clothing collection /Les soeurs Gaudreau de Stanbridge East, 1912, unknown photographerClockwise: Léa Seydoux in 'Journal d'une femme de chambre'/ a country farmhouse/ Welsh woman in folk costume /Lizzie Alice Hawksfield- North Yorkshire, late 1800s / Three Over One clothing collection /Les soeurs Gaudreau de Stanbridge East, 1912, unknown photographer

STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO believes that everyday heirlooms from the past can offer inspiration for an extremely modern aesthetic. The details, layering and internal structure of these garments can elevate basics to beautiful, lasting products. Interested? Subscribe to our S/S 2017 Inspiration Book!

Perler bead research by Berjan PotFebruary 15, 2016

The new work of Bertjan Pot, based on perler bead research, makes you happy! His latest design discovery can be seen at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen as part of the recently openend group manifestation Project Rotterdam. With this exhibition the museum is showcasing the artistic qualities of a new generation of artists and designers living and working in Rotterdam.

Temporary Tapestry by Studio Thomas VoornFebruary 15, 2016

Create your own paper wall with these colourful paper patterns printed on paper!
Studio Thomas Voorn developed a new and exciting style of wall decoration: single sheets of paper, together creating a graphic pattern.Though the print designs look sharp and digital, they are an actual image of a handmade paper pattern. In close-up you’ll see all the detailing and paper layers in the designs. You can simply nail, tape or glue this tapestry of paper onto your wall. By ordering more tapestries of one design you can create a covering print. Click here to see all 9 Tapestries in the Thomas Voorn webshop.

Ugo Rondinone – Museum Boijmans Van BeuningenFebruary 15, 2016

This spring the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone (lives and works in New York) will fill the Bodon Galleries at Museum Boijmans Van BeuningenVocabulary of Solitude brings together existing and new works in a large installation like a colour spectrum revealing the various facets of existence. Forty-five life-size clown sculptures form the centerpiece of his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Rondinone gives everyday motifs and images a poetic dimension by isolating or enlarging them. On the floor of the 1500m2 Bodon Galleries visitors will move between 45 sculptures of passive and contemplative clowns, each named after an everyday activity: dream, sleep, yawn, read, cook. For Rondinone an artwork is successful if the viewer doesn’t have to think and is led naturally in a particular direction: ‘Good art revolutionises your whole being. It is something that stops you, or slows you down.’
Ugo Rondinone’s is one of the world’s leading visual artists and has had major solo exhibitions at Centre Pompidou, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the Kunsthalle Wien and Palais Tokyo.

DekendierenFebruary 15, 2016

These cozy and happy ‘Dekendieren’ by Martijn Stelt are life-size animals upholstered with Dutch wool blankets. Studio Stelt is a young Dutch upholstery firm that is widely oriented.

VIKTIGT: Essentialist styleFebruary 04, 2016

In collaboration with the famous Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Råman, Ikea created Viktigt. Råman is known for her timeless and beautifully simple functional items for food, drink and the set table. The Ikea collection ranges from handmade glassware to furniture woven from natural fibres (like rattan, bamboo and seagrass), made by Vietnamese craftsmen. ‘Craftsmanship all around the world is quite similar, even if we work with different materials,’ says Ingegerd Råman. ‘I know how other craftsmen think and that makes it easy to communicate. We share a common language.’ The limited Edition is available from May 2016.

STRING: from bookshelves to all-round talentFebruary 02, 2016

Swedish brand String are continuing their successful collaboration with stylist Lotta Agaton and photographer Marcus Lawett, and recently released a new campaign for Spring 2016. The images show once again the many possibilities of the classic String System, created some 67 years ago, and the String Works range, launched in 2015.
This year String is expanding its multifaceted portfolio with more colours and natural materials as well as new accessories for the shelving system. When the shelves began their triumphant advance in 1949, Swedish architect Nils Strinning had originally designed them as bookshelves for the living room. Today the timeless shelves can be used for any purpose and look great in all rooms and in all parts of the home.

The End of SittingFebruary 02, 2016

In our society almost the entirety of our surroundings have been designed for sitting, while evidence from medical research suggests that too much sitting has adverse health effects. That’s why RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art Affordances] and visual artist Barbara Visser have developed The End of Sitting, a concept to explore different positions in an experimental work landscape. The End of Sitting marks the beginning of a trial phase, exploring the possibilities of radical change for the working environment.  The End of Sitting is a collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, a new space for art and science in Amsterdam.

Clamp Tray by NavetFebruary 02, 2016

A tray for some extra space or decoration…What a great idea! Navet, a group of creative minds based in Stockholm, designed the Clamp Tray: an extra shelf in the window, on the table or in the kitchen.

January 26, 2016
DAS HAUS 2016 by SEBASTIAN HERKNER: A house that locks nobody outJanuary 20, 2016

This week Imm Cologne presents a new edition of ‘Das Haus – Interiors on Stage’.
The new face of German design, Sebastian Herkner gives his view on the home of the future with circular shapes and spaces in which the wall elements are replaced by movable curtains. With his vision of freer living the designer also wants to make a social statement: a message against the tendency toward isolation. ‘The transparency of Das Haus is an expression of the necessity of facing changes with more openness’, Herkner comments on his concept against the background of the flow of refugees currently presenting a serious societal challenge in Germany. ‘Everyone is invited to look, enter, feel, communicate with others and gather impressions. There are no boundaries, no barriers, no corners on which one can bump into or hide behind. The result is an uncompromising round and open house in which the various levels are accessed by way of a gallery. That was the approach: a (nearly) endless house’, the young Offenbach designer explains. Read more & see more on Style Indicator

Ree ProjectsJanuary 20, 2016

Ree Projects is a slow luxury brand, launched in 2015 by Desiree Kleinen. The Dutch designer explores the balance between function, construction and beauty to offer timeless, love at first sight bags. Pieces to treasure and keep forever! Read more on Style Indicator...

Material.Environment.Mediation.01January 13, 2016
Photo: Carlijn Jacobs@UnitCM Make-up & hair: Rebin Chimani Model: Maud@BMMMPhoto: Carlijn Jacobs@UnitCM Make-up & hair: Rebin Chimani Model: Maud@BMMM

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam (on Sunday January 17th, between 18.00 and 21.00 ) Barbara Langendijk (fashion designer), Jochem Esser (fine artist) and Lisette Ros (critical performer), question how to define fiction and reality. What defines fashion when a piece of cloth is not wrapped around a body? What is reality and what is fiction within the installation and within the world surrounding us? Which of these are pre-conceived and activated by technology and which arise spontaneously, in present time, in ‘reality’?
The installation that will be presented is a mix of several media. More information:


Designers and researchers Nienke Hoogvliet and Xandra van der Eijk discovered a way to make a natural textile dye of seaweed.
 They went to the Oosterschelde – a Dutch coastal area sheltered by dikes – to collect over twenty species, which led to a wide palette with colours ranging from brown, green and golden to lilac and pink. Xandra and Nienke tested the dye on wool, cotton and silk and only used salt (sea) water, so the process doesn’t conflict with human needs for drinking water.
 Because seaweed has many great qualities – it grows fast, cleans the water from nitrogen and phosphates and the air from CO2 – Nienke and Xandra believe that seaweed dye has the future and can have a huge impact on creating a more sustainable textile industry. They will continue their research in order to make this natural seaweed dye available for the whole textile industry.

The Silent VillageNovember 26, 2015
Photo: © Fabrice GOUSSET & Alejandra DuartePhoto: © Fabrice GOUSSET &  Alejandra Duarte

Brynjar Sigurdarson is a name to remember! Last year the Icelandic designer presented The Silent Village, a furniture series which aesthetically narrates the age-old techniques of local craftsman of his homeland. The collection is inspired by a trip to the small town of Vopnafjörður in North East Iceland. There Sigurdarson spent four weeks wandering the harbor, meeting locals and discovering roping methods at the fisherman’s workshop. By taking this cultural heritage out of its environment and then applying it to the design of furniture, Sigurdarson completely transformed the intent and aesthetic. Check the website of Brynjar Sigurdarson for the complete collection. The Silent Village was commissioned by Galerie Kreo, Paris.

Tom Wood: new classicsNovember 04, 2015

Tom Wood leaves all the fuzz behind and embraces functional, timeless design with attention to detail and a focus on exquisite materials and the best craftsmanship. Tom Wood takes its name from the alter ego of Norwegian designer Mona Jensen who founded the brand in 2013. Her minimalist designs draw inspiration from traditional heirloom pieces such as the signet ring and give them a new, modern meaning! Available via Dover Street Market and Liberty London and online via Tom Wood and The Line.

NikeLab x SACAINovember 04, 2015

Sacai – the fantastic label of the Japanese designer Chitose Abe – teams up with NikeLab once again. Sacai’s vision is to create new interpretations of classic styles such as the cardigan, shirt or jacket, and play with the fabrics and silhouettes.
The same design philosophy is applied to the NikeLab x sacai collection with oversized sportswear archetypes in Nike Tech Fleece, knits and traditional materials such as wool and leather. The Fall/Holiday 2015 NikeLab x sacai collection launches globally November 5 at and in select NikeLab stores.

MENU Nepal ProjectsOctober 25, 2015

Teddy is the mascot of a new trade initiative launched by the Danish design brand MENU. Menu Nepal Projects is developed to provide much-needed fair employment and future opportunities in one of the world’s poorest countries by combining traditional fabric working skills with a current Scandinavian design aesthetic. The touching teddy – a 100% wool design of the Stockholm based studio Afteroom – is part of the new MENU collection of home accessories.

Billy & HellsOctober 25, 2015

Just discovered the intriguing photos of Billy und Hells, the pseudonym for the Berlin based photographers Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger. The creative duo enjoys working with themes associated with history, sexuality and professional groups in uniforms. The couple uses techniques that give their portraits a painted effect, similar to hand-coloured black and white photos from the early 20th century. Billy und Hells are represented in the Netherlands by Morren Galleries.


G-Star announced today a two year partnership with the Sandberg Instituut’s ‘Fashion Matters’ program in a bid to examine the future of the fashion industry in a creative way.
A group of 12 creative top students of the Sandberg Instituut – a globally renowned postgraduate art college – has been selected for this master’s program. They will study environmental, economic and political issues that challenge the current fashion industry. The research-based course, headed by Belgian artist Christophe Coppens, aims to find innovative ways of designing, producing, promoting, financing, selling and consuming in order to meet the needs of today’s consumers and anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s world.
Driven by its philosophy ‘Just the Product’, G-Star is focused on the constant reinvention of denim craftsmanship. The brand aims to be future proof by caring for the impact it has on people and the planet and struggles with the same questions that are raised during the ‘Fashion Matters’ program. Acknowledging the importance of new creative points of view and inspiration, G-Star will facilitate the program by offering knowledge on the fashion industry and financial support. Thecla Schaeffer (CMO G-Star): ‘With this collaboration we want to question the role and future of the fashion industry in a rapidly changing world and culture and be part of the quest for new knowledge and practice.’

Inverted Spaces by BCXSY X Calico WallpaperOctober 16, 2015

Inverted Spaces – created by the Amsterdam based design studio BCXSY in partnership with New York based Calico Wallpaper – will make its debut in the Netherlands during Dutch Design Week (17- 25 Oct.) with a mural installation in the Kazerne, Eindhoven. Inverted Spaces – first presented during Salone del Mobile 2015 at Rossana Orlandi- is a wallpaper design inspired by the night sky and constructed of combined high-definition NASA space photography.
The wallpaper features a panoramic experience that is an exploration of celestial spaces, both imagined and real. Inverted Spaces celebrates the fascination of the infinity that has surrounded us since the dawn of mankind.

POP-UP coatOctober 16, 2015

Vera de Pont graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven this week with a very refreshing concept. A colourful piece of textile easily transforms into a coat of your choosing. All you need is a pair of scissors. Vera de Pont has eliminated the time consuming sewing process with five designs that pop into shape when you put them on – no seams needed. Simply cut out the pattern of your favorite design and your coat is ready to wear. There’s a silkscreened and a woven version. The use of melting yarn prevents the fabric from fraying. The silk version is made cuttable by means of heatfoil, pressed onto the fabric. Visit the Graduation Show of Design Academy Eindhoven between 17 – 25 Oktober!

EMMA BROOKS: knitwear talentOctober 13, 2015

Emma Brooks is a recent Textiles Design graduate from the University of Brighton and specialized knitwear design. Taking traditional techniques like cable knitting as a starting point, she explores intricate structures, often inspired by architecture and nature. Her collection is focused on the use of British wool, utilizing different sheep breeds and showcasing their unique fibre qualities.

FUR FREE FUROctober 13, 2015
Ad Campaign Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2015- model: Natalia Vodianova, photography: Harley WeirAd Campaign Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2015- model: Natalia Vodianova, photography: Harley Weir

Stella McCartney – she has been against the use of fur her entire career – makes a great statement this fall with white, woolen furry coats that show how beautiful fake fur can be.
The renewed interest in crafts like spinning, weaving, knitting and felting and the experiments resulting from this, can offer all kinds of alternatives to fur. Interested? Subscribe to the inspiration book F/W 2016/2017 of STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO.


Giorgio Armani, a book published by Rizzoli, celebrates the 81-year-old designer’s 40 years in fashion.
Who doesn’t remember Richard Gere in American Gigolo, dressed in Armani? Armani’s modern approach to tailoring and minimal aesthetic revolutionized the fashion industry in the eighties. The lavish book focuses upon the key creations and important milestones in the history of the celebrated Italian designer and his eponymous fashion house. With personal texts written by Giorgio Armani, the book contains biographical details interwoven with the story of the company. The royalties of the autobiography will be entirely donated to Unicef. ISBN: 978-0-8478-4530-9, €130

Album ArmariumOctober 01, 2015

Album Armarium is a new concept of designer Edward van Vliet for manufacturer Lensvelt. Existing file cabinets can be transformed with a ‘list’ of plywood and Styrofoam into a unique storage unit, which gives a totally different look to workspaces and offices. Van Vliet got inspired by the glass Cabinets of Curiosities we know from musea or biology class at school that tell a special story. With his vision on the cabinet each office environment can tell their personal story with beautiful and curious objects.

CHRISTIAN WIJNANTS opens 1st storeOctober 01, 2015

Last month the Belgian fashion designer Christian Wijnants opened his first flagship store in the heart of Antwerp, his hometown and base since founding his eponymous label in 2003. The 100sqm space – designed by Swedish architect Andreas Bozarth Fornell – will house the Christian Wijnants ready-to-wear and accessories collections. Next month the talented designer will launch an online store as well. Steenhouwersvest 36, Antwerp – Mon-Sat 10.30am until 6.30pm

PLANTATIONSeptember 29, 2015

Plantation is a series of porcelain elements designed for growing herbs and ornamental plants. Looking for a way to use abandoned objects designer Alicja Patanowska collected drinking glasses in the streets of London to top with the four handmade shapes. You too will now be able to reuse old drinking glasses and enjoy the growing process of both the stems and the roots of plants.

For Restless SleepersSeptember 29, 2015
F.R.S. S/S 2016F.R.S. S/S 2016

F.R.S. – an acronym of ‘For Restless Sleepers’ – presented its second collection in Milan for S/S 2016. The line of palazzo pajamas, designed by Francesca Ruffini, are made of vintage inspired, patterned fabrics like silk-twill and come from the finest production and printing ateliers of Como. Check out the collection at

THE DRAWING ROOMSeptember 24, 2015

The genteel traditions of the English drawing room have been redrafted by British designer Faye Toogood for an installation at Somerset House during this year’s London Design Festival. More images and information at Style Indicator.

FAUX/realSeptember 21, 2015

Louis Decicco and Mari Ouchi form a design duo creating jewelry pieces with a twist. Enjoy the contrast of unexpected materials, shiny and matt surfaces, faux and real…

Liquid MirrorsSeptember 21, 2015

In ancient times humans saw themselves mirrored in water. Inspired by these early experiences Dutch designer Victoria Ledig created a collection of both delicate and playful mirrors that turn an image into motion.

Spring Scissors by Lex PottSeptember 18, 2015

Dutch designer Lex Pott designed these beautiful Spring Scissors – ideal for cutting herbs or paper – in collaboration with Wallpaper* magazine and Danish design brand Nomess Copenhagen. Because the scissors are made of spring steel (available in different colours) they reshape to the original form after use.

blouse specialist: Atlantique AscoliSeptember 17, 2015
Atlantique Ascoli via barneys.comAtlantique Ascoli via

In no time discovered by Net-A-Porter, Barneys New York and Colette: Atlantique Ascoli. The Parisian designer focuses on shirts, inspired by her personal stockpile of Victorian blouses. Fashion history in a modern update! Interested in the subject? Subscribe to STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO and check our (R)evolution theme.

Frida Kahlo’s natureSeptember 15, 2015
Frida's garden, New York Botanical GardenFrida's garden, New York Botanical Garden
Frida's garden, New York Botanical GardenFrida's garden, New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden in Brooklyn is currently hosting ‘Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life’. The exhibition is showcasing the work of the iconic artist alongside a re-creation of her garden at Casa Azul – Kahlo’s home in Mexico City – that influenced her work profoundly.

Givenchy X Marina AbramovicSeptember 14, 2015
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Spring Summer 2016, photo: GivenchyGivenchy by Riccardo Tisci Spring Summer 2016, photo: Givenchy

For Givenchy’s first New York Fashion Week show, held on the anniversary of 9/11, the brand’s creative director Riccardo Tisci tapped legendary artist Marina Abramovic to create a surreal environment complete with live performances. The music — from the Buddhist chants to the Middle Eastern-flavored violin to a soprano singing ‘Ave Maria’ at the very end — was chosen from six different cultures to — according to Abramovic’s show notes — “unite people without discrimination. This event is about forgiveness, inclusivity, new life, hope and above all love.”Tisci asked multimedia/installation artist Marco Brambilla to capture every inch of the magic and visually rich show using virtual reality technology in order to fully experience the show in its’ entirety. The final film will be released this fall, for the runway video click here.

Hellen van Meene exhibitionSeptember 11, 2015
Photo by Hellen van MeenePhoto by Hellen van Meene

For the last 20 years, Hellen van Meene has ranked among the world’s top photographers, because of her distinctive style that is characterized by a mysterious atmosphere and her consistent use of natural light. The Hague Museum of Photography now presents the first ever major retrospective of her entire oeuvre. The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits runs until 29 November 2015.

Artisan baskets at MerciSeptember 11, 2015
photo: Marianne van Dodewaardphoto: Marianne van Dodewaard

To celebrate Slow Life, Paris based concept store Merci invited Segno Italiano – a company that endorses and markets high quality Italian artisan products internationally – and Sardinian fashion designer Antonia Marras with their collection Sardinian Baskets. Slow life is an exhibition that invites you to take time out for things. The collection of handmade baskets in presented at Merci until the 22nd of September.

DIYSeptember 05, 2015

STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO loves the maker movement. This hanging copper hat rack is made by Geneva Vanderzeil, a professional blogger, published author and freelance writer. Geneva grew up in Australia and started het blog a pair & a spare after moving to London in 2008.

This Chair by Richard HuttenSeptember 05, 2015

Felt – the oldest form of textile in the world – is en vogue again in fashion, but also makes a good impression for interior design lately. The original version of This Chair by Richard Hutten was designed in 2005. During Salone del Mobile in Milan this year, the chair was born again… but now with a felt seating, which comes in 50 different shades of gray. The durable and budget-friendly design is manufactures by Lensvelt.

polderSeptember 05, 2015
polder f/w 2015polder f/w 2015

Just discovered The Parisian brand Polder that was created by two sisters of Dutch origin, Madelon Lanteri-Laura and Natalie Vodegel who both studied archeology and art history in Paris. In 2007, they presented their first kids collection for girls – April showers by Polder – and in 2012, they launched their first clothing collection for women. Besides the Polder shop in Paris, the collections are sold in 300 points of sale in France and around the world. The signature of Polder is characterized by pure shapes, high quality materials and handcrafted details. Polder looks like a very cool brand and is also interesting for woman who like a ‘mini-me’ wardrobe for their daughters.

COS X HAYSeptember 05, 2015

Both known for their minimal aesthetic, Swedish fashion brand COS and Danish design company HAY have teamed up to present a range of items to be sold in selected COS stores. Head designers of COS – Karin Gustafsson and Martin Andersson – have handpicked a selection of HAY’s products and to celebrate the collab they commissioned designer Tomas Alonso to create two fold down tables.
Nice development that complimentary brands in fashion and interior design work together!

FOOTPRINTSeptember 05, 2015
Photography: MoMu/ Frédéric Uyttenhove Graphic design: Jelle JespersPhotography: MoMu/ Frédéric Uyttenhove  Graphic design: Jelle Jespers

Last week the exhibition Footprint: The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion opened in Antwerp’s MoMu. The show gathers about 600 pairs of shoes from the 20th and 21st century, in order to map their imprint via the designers that shaped them. The exhibition takes you on a journey through the history of shoes in fashion and highlights the innovative and artistic approach of shoe design and investigates the cultural impact. This angle took shape thanks to the collection of shoes that Belgian retail pioneers Geert Bruloot and his partner Eddy Michiels have amassed since opening their footwear boutique Coccodrillo in Antwerp in 1983. Visit for more information.

South African FashionSeptember 05, 2015
Lukhanyo Mdingi Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook/ Models: Toyin Oneyene at ICE Models and Gandhi Mukiza at Wicked Talent / Photography: Travys Owen / Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer / Art Director: Gabrielle Kannemeyer / Hair & make-up: Amori Birch / Assistants: Miguel Brown and Jasleen MatharuLukhanyo Mdingi Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook/ Models: Toyin Oneyene at ICE Models and Gandhi Mukiza at Wicked Talent / Photography: Travys Owen / Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer / Art Director: Gabrielle Kannemeyer / Hair & make-up: Amori Birch / Assistants: Miguel Brown and Jasleen Matharu

Have a look at the incredible beautiful lookbook of Lukhanyo Mdingi, a young South African designer, at Style Indicator.

Alexander Wang does SomethingSeptember 04, 2015

To celebrate 10 years of business, Alexander Wang decided to team up with DoSomething, one of the world’s largest organizations for youth and social change. For the accompanying campaign, photographer Steven Klein shot a series of portraits of 38 celebrities including Kate Moss, Gemma Ward, Daria Werbowy, Lara Stone, Kim Kardashian and Rod Stewart.

THE LEGENDARY NEW LOOKSeptember 04, 2015

After Christian Dior presented his first collection in the salons of 30 Avenue Montaigne on the 12th of February 1947, Carmel Snow (editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar) exclaimed: ‘It’s quite a revolution, dear Christian! Your dresses have such a new look’. The quote was published and the rest of the story is history. Until the 1st of November the Musée Christian Dior in Granville, Normandy will be hosting the exhibition ‘Dior, The New Look Revolution’. A book published by Rizzoli and written by Laurence Benaïm accompanies the exhibition and tells the story of Dior’s revolutionary take on fashion with his debut collection.

Spider WomanSeptember 04, 2015
Louise Bourgeois in 1990 with her marble sculpture Eye to Eye (1970) - Photo by Raimon Ramis, source PinterestLouise Bourgeois in 1990 with her marble sculpture Eye to Eye (1970) - Photo by Raimon Ramis, source Pinterest

I love this image of the fascinating artist Louise Joséphine Bourgeois (25 December 1911 – 31 May 2010), whose life and work can be a great inspiration for fashion. At you can find a lot of information about the spiderwoman – Bourgeois included spiders in her work for many years, explaining that the theme related to her mother – and images of het artworks. is liveSeptember 03, 2015
Gucci resort 2016 by Tommy TonGucci resort 2016 by Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton – the pioneering street style photographer who has documented the scene outside the international shows for Condé Nast’s for years – launched his own website today:
According to an interview with Business of Fashion, Ton’s online home will feature more than 15,000 of his vivid street style photographs from the past and weekly new images. The site means many, many hours of pleasure and inspiration, because readers will be able to sort snaps by person, colour, brand, designer, trend, city and season. In the coming months, Ton plans to incorporate interviews, editorials and videos, as well as more runway and backstage photography. Ton’s timing is potentially strategic, since has officially become (where you can see future runway coverage as well as’s archives).

gender-bendingSeptember 03, 2015
Photography: Kiki Xue Styling: Simon Pylyser Model: Linus Wördemann Art direction: Nataniel N.M.Robert Hair: Pawel Solis Make-up: Fir WangPhotography: Kiki Xue Styling: Simon Pylyser Model: Linus Wördemann Art direction: Nataniel N.M.Robert Hair: Pawel Solis Make-up: Fir Wang

Boycott magazine captures the androgynous spirit of Gucci’s F/W 2015 collection with a beauty story by photographer Kiki Xue and stylist Simon Pylyser.
Gender-bending is nothing new in fashion or pop culture, but in high-end fashion, the theme has not been conveyed as loudly since, Mick Jagger and David Bowie in the late 1960s.
Visit fuckingyoung for the complete editoral.

TIE UPSeptember 03, 2015
Heidi via acnestudios.comHeidi via

Love these F/W 2015 Heidi shoes of Acne Studios. Laces, strings – think climbing and fishing sports – and rope knotting techniques can make a firm fashion statement. Subsribe to STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO to read & see more about the subject.

Foxy LadySeptember 02, 2015
left: Céline fall 2015/ right: Maison Kitsuné T-shirt via farfetch.comleft: Céline fall 2015/ right: Maison Kitsuné T-shirt via

The animal kingdom remains an inspiration for prints this fall. Interested? Have look at our last years publication on Style Indicator.

LOUISE TE POELE exhibitionSeptember 02, 2015
City Bird by Louise te PoeleCity Bird by Louise te Poele

Not to be missed: the exhibition ‘Met nieuwe ogen/With new eyes’ of artist/photographer Louise te Poele at Museum Arnhem. Hundreds of photographs and countless hours of work have resulted in a series of imaginary still lifes that remind us of 17th century oil paintings, but that are actually contemporary masterpieces painted with pixels.With new Eyes is on view till September 20th at Museum Arnhem, The Netherlands.

GUCCI iconSeptember 01, 2015

Thanks to Alessandro Michele – the new creative director of Gucci – the horsebit loafer makes a fashionable comeback this fall. The original shoe with the double-ring and bar motif taken from equestrian hardware made its debut in 1953 and was designed by Aldo Gucci, the son of company founder, Guccio Gucci. Shop online via

one to watch: VITA KINSeptember 01, 2015
Vita Kin via matchesfashion.comVita Kin via

Inspired by ‘the fading traditions and techniques of various ancient cultures for making and decorating clothing’, Ukrainian fashion designer Vita Kin creates blouses and dresses with intricate folkloric embroidery. Employees of the label’s Kiev atelier undergo a month of training in sewing techniques and each piece takes three weeks to make. already discovered the line.

Simone Rocha opens storeSeptember 01, 2015

British designer Simone Rocha established her brand with remarkably impressive speed (with over 200 retailers in a few years) and just opened her first store ever in London at 93 Mount Street. Good news, because Simone Rocha has a very refreshing aesthetic that balances between sweet nostalgia and clean modernity, between classic technical know how and an innovative feeling for material.

Visually interactive garmentsSeptember 01, 2015
Photos by: 
Theresa Marx 
Michelle Hall

 Hair & Make up: 
Emike SzantoPhotos by: 
Theresa Marx  
Michelle Hall

 Hair & Make up: 
Emike Szanto

Saina Koohnavard is a Swedish fashion designer who recently graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles’ MFA Fashion Design with het collection Made You Look. This project explores disturbances in pattern and colour and how these elements can deceive the eye. Visit Saina’s website for the complete collection:

the art of WEAVINGSeptember 01, 2015
all textiles: design by Margo Selbyall textiles: design by Margo Selby

Experiments with weaving – the many techniques, the colours, the textures and the yarns -could enrich fashion in fantastic ways (for weaving inspiration F/W 2016/2017 subscribe to STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO). Keen to promote traditional craft, textile designer Margo Selby composed the book Contemporary Weaving Patterns (Bloomsburry Publishing), a wonderful weaving guide. The book is also available in Dutch. Hedendaagse Weefpatronen wordt uitgegeven door Librero.

Stories of LightSeptember 01, 2015

For the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015 Eindhoven-based Studio Dennis Parren designed several light installations and sculptures, to show how light can be controlled to create beautiful patterns that tell us stories about colours, shadows and reflections. The cheerful Dotted, based on the freely floating jellyfish, is a suspended lamp of LED strips – a cheap product most often hidden away – attached to a 3D printed frame.

Modern Joan of ArcSeptember 01, 2015

I like the F/W 2015 campaign of the Dutch designer Peet Dullaert by photographer Duy Vo. Drawing visual and symbolic inspiration from Milla Jovovic’s Joan of Arc in Luc Besson’s epic The Messenger, the collection continues Dullaert’s emphasis on fashion as a means to highlight the striking elegance of the body with contemporary reality and comfort. For more images:

Blooming Apple WatchSeptember 01, 2015
source images: wallpaper.comsource images:

For the next 5 weeks Apple Watch has taken over all 24 of Selfridges Oxford Street London’s world famous windows with a striking flower display. The installation is made from over 6,000 flowers ranging from 200mm to 1.8m in height, all inspired by the flower themed interfaces available on the Apple Watch. It’s the first time in the 100 year history of Selfridges that every window has been dedicated to the same product.